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    KETOS: Delivering Intelligence and Analytics for the Water Industry

    KETOS is an award-winning water intelligence and analytics company that aims to empower municipal, industrial, and agricultural water users by providing them the insight necessary to make data-driven decisions in their daily operations. It charges customers a flat service fee to install and maintain a fully integrated proprietary hardware and software stack that provides real-time intelligence related to the quality and quantity of water that is making its way through their systems at various critical points. In this interview, KETOS Founder and CEO Meena Sankaran tells Municipal Water Leader about the company’s technology and how it solves long-standing water industry pain points. 

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    Preserving Federalism in Water Law By Robert S. Lynch

    Everyone involved in western water is keenly aware of the controversy surrounding clarifying the definition of Waters of the United States (WOTUS) in the Clean Water Act regulations. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has received over 13,000 comments on its proposal to do so. Many are attacks on the proposal, which, in my view, have to be considered attacks on the concept of federalism. Those who oppose the clarification process the EPA is undertaking are essentially saying that the states are incompetent or unwilling to protect their citizens and the quality of the water they receive and use. It is my understanding that some 49 states have taken delegation…

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    How Assura’s Configurable Asset-Management Platform Can Help Water Utilities

    Assura Software is a Christchurch, New Zealand–based technology company that builds highly configurable asset- and case-management solutions. Its products are used by several large irrigation schemes and businesses to manage their assets and record health and safety risks and hazards. Using Assura’s platform in the office on a computer or in the field on a mobile phone app, employees can keep track of what tasks need to be done and the current status of their assets. In this interview, Assura Managing Director Hamish Howard speaks with Municipal Water Leader Editor-in-Chief Kris Polly about Assura’s platform and how it stands to benefit municipal water utilities.

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    Apana’s Intelligent Water Management Platform

    For companies with numerous buildings and installations spread out over a wide geographical area, water use malfunctions can be hard to pinpoint. When a specific device or installation is broken, leaking, or wasting water, the company may have only a general sense that something is going wrong. That is where APANA comes in. Its Internet of things (IoT) hardware and intelligent water management software uses big data and machine learning to identify anomalous water use patterns and provide specific suggestions about what may be going wrong. Information like this helps a building, a company, or an entire city to quickly respond to problems, increase efficiency, and manage its water use.…

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    Developing Flow Solutions at In-Situ

    I n-Situ has been providing in-field water level monitoring, flow monitoring, and water quality solutions for four decades. In recent years, In-Situ has expanded from its traditional focus on water level through ambitious R&D work and strategic acquisitions, moving into flow and water quality monitoring and process. In 2017, In-Situ acquired the Australian company MACE, which manufactures ultrasonic flow meters, data loggers, and controllers. In this interview, Mathew Campbell, the Australia-based application development manager for flow at In-Situ, and Helen Taylor, In-Situ’s content manager, speak with Municipal Water Leader Editor-in-Chief Kris Polly about the company’s flow monitoring systems and how they are helping irrigators and wastewater managers across the globe.

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    How ROTEC Is Improving Desalination Technology Around the World

    High-recovery reverse osmosis (RO) is becoming a vital solution for both municipal and industrial water portfolios around the world. It is a reliable, drought-resilient water source that in many cases can be more affordable than importing new surface water. RO is also a critical component in the advanced treatment and reuse of municipal wastewater and the mitigation of seawater intrusion into groundwater aquifers. Historically, RO has been limited in application because of its low recovery rate—the ratio of treated water to feed water in the desalination process. In a system with a 75 percent recovery rate, for every 100 gallons of feed water that enter the system, 75 gallons of…

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    Oceanus’s Hybrid Pumped-Storage Desalination Facility

    Desalination plants typically deal with two major problems: the desalination process requires a large amount of energy, and it results in a large amount of brine, which is difficult to get rid of and can be harmful to the natural environment. Oceanus Power and Water has discovered an innovative solution to both of these problems: combining a pump-storage facility, which stores power in the form of elevated water that can be used to drive turbines, with a desalination facility. Gravity power alone can dramatically reduce the energy demands of the desalination process. Moreover, the resulting brine can be reinjected into the stored seawater as it is released back into the…

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    Water Bottle Fill Stations as Public Outreach Lessons From Eastern Municipal Water District

    Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) provides water, wastewater, and recycled water services to more than 816,000 people in Riverside County, California. EMWD is the sixth-largest retail water agency in the state of California. More than a decade of California water industry survey data suggest a strong correlation between the value that customers place on water with their acceptance of water infrastructure project expenses, rate increases, and other management decisions. Customer approval is extremely important in EMWD’s service area, where demographics are diverse and people tend to be more cost-sensitive than the statewide average. With an eye toward boosting customer approval, EMWD developed the Tap Into campaign to support its goals…

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    A Burst of Innovation Charles Otis of Pulsed Burst Systems

    Pulsed Burst Systems is a Milwaukee-based startup that has developed a simple yet effective device called the MegaBubble that creates large air bubbles that can be used to mix large quantities of water or even pump water through a pipe. With help from The Water Council in Milwaukee and its BREW business accelerator program, Pulsed Burst is finding potential clients across the country, including wastewater treatment plants and municipal water districts. Charles Otis, chief operating officer of Pulsed Burst Systems, spoke with Municipal Water Leader Managing Editor Joshua Dill about his background in the water industry, his company, and what the U.S. water industry could do to boost innovation.

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    WRDA Works for America’s Water Infrastructure

    On October 23, 2018, the president signed into law the America’s Water Infrastructure Act, a legislative package that features the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2018. The enactment of WRDA 2018 marked the third such bill signed into law since I became chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure in 2013. I am particularly proud of the fact that one of my earliest priorities as chairman—returning Congress to the regular consideration of a WRDA every 2 years—came to fruition over the last 6 years. These laws authorize the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to study and undertake infrastructure enhancements that strengthen our economy, connect and protect our…