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    Volume 8 Issue 10 Nov/Dec 2021

    By Kris Polly  The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which provides water to 19 million people across 6 counties, has a new general manager and CEO, Adel Hagekhalil. We are pleased to have the opportunity to introduce him to our readership in this issue of Municipal Water Leader. In this month’s cover story, Mr. Hagekhalil tells us about Metropolitan’s efforts to respond to drought, increase local water supplies, build infrastructure, and introduce the One Water philosophy of integrated water management.  We also feature a conversation with another top Southern California executive, Mark Pestrella, the director of Los Angeles County Public Works, on his agency’s Safe, Clean Water Program, which…

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    How Masuen Consulting Saves Its Clients Money by Reducing Water Use

    Masuen Consulting is an outdoor water management, system design, and consulting firm based in Newport, Washington, that works primarily with clients in the urban irrigation and storm water management fields. By updating clients’ technology and helping them operate their irrigation systems more efficiently, Masuen is able to reduce their water use by an average of 50 percent. In this interview, Masuen Consulting President Mitchel Andrew Walker tells us about the company’s services and the results it can achieve for its clients. 

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    How Moleaer’s Nano-Scale Aeration System Makes Wastewater Treatment More Efficient

    Moleaer has created a novel aeration system that is vastly more effective than traditional models. It injects air in the form of miniscule bubbles only 100 nanometers in size—thousands of times smaller than a grain of salt—that, unlike larger bubbles, spread throughout a water body and do not float to the surface. Moreover, they also remove surfactants from wastewater, increasing the efficiency of treatment processes. In this interview, Moleaer CEO Nick Dyner tells us more about this impressive technology and its uses. 

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    Allen Davidson: Modernizing to Conserve Water at Rowland Water District

    Finding new and better ways to manage finite water resources is a vital task for any water district. Effective system management saves water and reduces costs for the district and its customers. Rowland Water District (RWD), based in Rowland Heights in Los Angeles County (L.A. County), is doing just that with its new smart metering program, which is greatly improving leak detection, reducing reading time, and improving efficiency for the district and the communities it serves. In this interview, Allen Davidson, RWD’s field operations supervisor, tells Municipal Water Leader about the innovative smart meter system and how RWD intends to continue being on the forefront of implementing new technologies into…

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    How Los Angeles County Public Works Passed Its Ambitious Measure W Water Quality Program

    Los Angeles County (L.A. County) is the most populous county in California, and thus the one with the largest water demand and some of the biggest water supply and quality challenges. Los Angeles County Public Works (LACPW) decided to address these challenges through its Safe, Clean Water Program (SCWP), which aims to optimize local storm water for water supply and to improve the quality of L.A. County’s surface water. To pay for this ambitious program, LACPW needed to gain the support of two-thirds of the electorate for a ballot initiative, Measure W, that would allow it to collect a property tax. In this interview, LACPW Director Mark Pestrella tells us…

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    General Manager Adel Hagekhalil: Planning the Future of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

    Adel Hagekhalil is the new general manager and CEO of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the regional wholesaler that delivers water to 26 public member agencies serving 19 million people in 6 Southland counties. The leadership of an agency as large and significant as Metropolitan brings many challenges as well as opportunities to improve the quality of life of millions. In this interview, Mr. Hagekhalil tells us about Metropolitan’s efforts to ensure water reliability, integrated water management, and affordability for its 5,200 square-mile service area.   

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    The California-Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association: Education and Advocacy for the Water Industry

    The American Water Works Association (AWWA) provides advocacy, education, and tools to support new and experienced managers in the water industry. The California-Nevada Section of AWWA (CA-NV AWWA), one of AWWA’s 43 constituent sections, works to solve water problems for utilities and water organizations in a region that struggles with droughts, water affordability, and wildfires. In this interview, Sue Mosburg, the executive director of CA-NV AWWA, tells us about her organization’s efforts to support the water industry through trying times.   

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    Healing Waters International: Addressing the Water Crisis Around the World

    Access to clean, affordable water is a vital precondition for public health and a thriving economy, and its absence is a serious challenge for many communities and countries around the world. Healing Waters International is one of the many organizations taking on the challenge of bringing affordable, sustainable potable water infrastructure to underdeveloped communities across the globe. In this interview, Healing Waters CEO Rob Anthony and Director of Field Operations and Lead Engineer Walter Nonemaker tell Municipal Water Leader about how they are carrying out the organization’s mission.   

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    Jonathan Grant: Striking a Better Balance for Wastewater at SENTRY

    Having accurate and consistent data is vital for overcoming the challenges faced by wastewater treatment plants, but most monitoring techniques are either vulnerable to fouling or slow. SENTRY’s new bioelectrode sensor avoids both problems. The product improves the monitoring of microbial balance, toxic shock events, and other factors that impede effective wastewater management. In this interview, Jonathan Grant, SENTRY’s chief commercial officer, tells Municipal Water Leader how the product was developed, the benefits it provides customers, and the effect the technology is having on wastewater management around the world.   

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    James Dunning: Synergizing Innovation in the Water Sector at Syrinix

    Bringing innovation to mature water infrastructure systems can be a significant challenge. New regulatory, environmental, and market factors all constrain the ability of water users to institute better and more effective management strategies. Syrinix is a company working to help them by providing products and technologies that can simultaneously address many different water management issues, including leak detection and pressure monitoring. In this interview, Syrinix’s chief executive, James Dunning, tells Municipal Water Leader about the company’s history and how its new products are addressing present and future water challenges.