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    Volume 9 Issue 6 June 2022

    By Kris Polly  Climatic phenomena, project constraints, and environmental and water quality regulations—these issues and many more pose constant challenges to municipal water agencies across the United States. Luckily, professionals in our field are always thinking of new ways to address them. In this issue, we feature stories of long-term planning, value engineering, integrated planning, new digital services, and other creative approaches to the challenges of the municipal water field.  As a junior holder of Colorado River water rights in Arizona, the Central Arizona Project (CAP) is one of the entities most affected by the recent cuts in Colorado River water deliveries. In a cover interview with Municipal Water Leader…

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    How 120Water Helps Water Systems Comply With the Lead and Copper Rule and Other Water Quality Requirements

    To comply with a host of recent regulations, water quality professionals are turning to outside digital water companies like 120Water to help them execute water safety, compliance, and wastewater monitoring programs. Municipal Water Leader spoke with Megan Glover, cofounder, and CEO of 120Water, about how more than 300 water systems across the United States use the company’s cloud-based software and digital sampling kits for everything from centralizing service line inventory data to end-to-end lead program management. 

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    HDR’s Leslie Tice: Making Environmental Planning More Than an Afterthought

    In her 23 years as an environmental program specialist and in roles such as chapter director in the California Association of Environmental Professionals and board member and membership chair of the National Association of Environmental Professionals, Leslie Tice has learned a key lesson: that integrating environmental considerations early in the planning and design processes can save agencies and applicants time and money. As the national environmental director of HDR’s water business group, Ms. Tice works to make that happen for the company’s clients. In this interview, she explains how managers can avoid pitfalls that come from delaying basic environmental questions. 

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    John Robinson of Strategic Value Solutions: Opening Possibilities Through Value Engineering

    The discipline of value engineering applies a results-oriented methodology to find cost savings and optimized solutions to infrastructure project designs. In this interview, Municipal Water Leader speaks with Strategic Value Solutions (SVS) Principal and Executive Vice President John Robinson about what an independent dream team of experts can bring to the project design process. 

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    Ted Cooke of the Central Arizona Project: Dealing With Shortage and Envisioning Future Supplies

    The Central Arizona Project (CAP), as a junior holder of Colorado River water rights in Arizona, is feeling the brunt of the recent tier 1 supply cuts established under the 2019 Drought Contingency Plan (DCP) and triggered in 2021. In this interview with Municipal Water Leader Contributing Editor Jeff Kightlinger, CAP General Manager Ted Cooke tells us about the collaboration that was needed to establish the DCP and to set up the new 500+ Plan and discusses the programs that will be needed after they expire in 2026. 

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    Craig Beckman of Aqua Membranes: Improving Membrane Filtration With 3-D Printing

    High-purity water treatment plants and other industries that use membrane filtration rely on decades-old systems that are subject to reduced output and expensive maintenance. Aqua Membranes has been working on a new 3‑D-printed spacer technology to solve those issues. Municipal Water Leader spoke with CEO Craig Beckman about applications in which the company’s new technology can keep the water flowing. 

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    A&W Coatings: Treating and Rehabbing Manholes With Minimal Disruption

    When Boulder, Colorado, needed to relocate and rehabilitate a section of its sewer system, A&W Coatings applied its environmentally safe epoxy to rehabilitate existing structures and prevent corrosion in new ones. Municipal Water Leader spoke with Project Engineer Hunter Sansone about how A&W was able to work in a way that caused minimal disturbance—to the city, its bikers, and its other protected residents: black-tailed prairie dogs. 

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    Guaranteeing Drought-Resilient Water Supplies at Eastern Municipal Water District

    Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) in Southern California has long been at the forefront of meeting the needs of a rapidly growing service area, thanks to proactive investments in water use efficiency and local water supply sources. With drought conditions again taking a stranglehold on California’s water supplies, EMWD has positioned itself to provide its customers with safe and reliable services while also supporting a culture of water use efficiency among the nearly 1 million customers in its service area. In this interview, we speak with Lanaya Voelz Alexander, EMWD’s assistant general manager for planning, engineering, and construction, about the steps the district has taken to invest in local water…

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    Steve Stockton: An Insider’s Guide to Working With the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

    Getting a water project included in a Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) or otherwise authorized and funded through a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers process has clear potential benefits for a municipality or water supply agency, but the process can be daunting. With thousands of staff members, numerous local offices, and a national headquarters, the Army Corps is complicated enough, but its actions are also influenced by Congress, the administration, and agencies such as the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). In this interview, retired Army Corps Director of Civil Works Steve Stockton tells Municipal Water Leader readers about how to get water projects funded and authorized.