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    Terry Bower: The Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Water Studies Certification Program

    In 2018, the Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver) developed an online Water Studies certificate program for water professionals and those interested in learning more about water. The program comprises three courses, each in a convenient self-paced online format: Water Law, U.S. Water Concerns, and Colorado Water and the American West. Participants can take all three courses and earn a certificate or take just one or two courses if they prefer. In this interview, Terry Bower, MSU Denver’s associate vice president of innovative and lifelong learning, tells us about the certificate program’s genesis.   

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    Northwest Pipe’s Perfect Pipe System: A Low-Maintenance Solution for Storm Water and Wastewater Conveyance

    Perfect Pipe and the Perfect Lined Manhole are two new lined-concrete products manufactured by Northwest Pipe Company. Easy to install and maintain and with a long lifespan, these products promise long-term savings, and their corrosion resistance makes them ideal for conveying storm water or wastewater. In this interview, Heather Christensen, the technical marketing manager of Geneva Pipe and Precast, a Northwest Pipe Company; Scott Montross, the president and CEO of Northwest Pipe; and Mike Wray, the vice president and general manager of Geneva Pipe and Precast, tell Municipal Water Leader about the virtues of the Perfect line of products.   

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    How Enviropod’s LittaTrap Removes Pollutants From Storm Water at the Source

    Simplicity, effectiveness, and versatility are often the hallmarks of innovative technologies and people. Greg Yeoman, Mike Hannah, and their Enviropod company embody those traits. Starting out with the goal of reducing plastic contamination in waterways, they discovered that they could bring their innovative filter technology directly to plastic manufacturers to stop contamination before it began. Since its founding in 1996, Enviropod has become a global force in the effort to clean up beaches, plastic manufacturing sites, and storm water systems. In this interview, Mr. Yeoman tells Municipal Water Leader how the company came to be, the advantage of its products for combating plastic contamination, and how it has expanded from…

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    Amber Ponce: Raising the Roof for Water and People at LiveRoof

    LiveRoof ’s products allow companies and cities to make better use of rooftops in ways that reduce storm water runoff, improve environmental conservation, and enhance quality of life. The company is also managed in a way that encourages, and in fact requires, innovation among its employees, partners, and customers. In this interview, Amber Ponce, LiveRoof ’s business development manager, tells Municipal Water Leader about how the company’s green rooftop projects are revolutionizing the management of infrastructure and storm water runoff.   

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    John Verduin: Bringing People and Ideas Together at Anchor QEA

    Working with varied stakeholders on complicated issues to produce innovative, effective solutions is a considerable challenge, particularly for water-related issues. But John Verduin has made a career of doing exactly that, particularly in his current role as managing partner of Anchor QEA, a company that uses innovation and collaboration to solve complex environmental and water issues ranging from irrigation and municipal water supply to storm water, wastewater, and green infrastructure. In this article, Mr. Verduin tells Municipal Water Leader about Anchor QEA’s origins, the company’s approach to the challenging projects it undertakes, and how it has created a culture of innovation and collaboration both internally and externally.   

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    Volume 8 Issue 6 June 2021 John Verduin: Bringing People and Ideas Together at Anchor QEA

    By Kris Polly  Storm water management is a constant concern for municipalities. Sudden influxes of water, often bringing pollutants of various sorts, can overflow systems, challenge treatment infrastructure, and affect the environment. Luckily, municipal water professionals are working to design ever better systems, develop innovative mitigation technologies, and find funds to improve infrastructure.  Our cover interview this month is with John Verduin of Anchor QEA, a firm that specializes in challenging projects in the environmental science, engineering, planning, and restoration fields. AnchorQEA incorporates environmental concerns into its work from planning and design through construction and monitoring.  Amber Ponce of LiveRoof tells us about how her company’s green roofs mitigate storm…

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    Sergie Albino of ecoSPEARS: Fighting Environmental Contamination With Advanced Technology

    Sergie Albino’s career has truly gone to the moon and back. After helping NASA with its effort to search for water on the moon, he wanted to find ways to improve the water on Earth. With that in mind, he started ecoSPEARS, a company that has developed technologies to clean up environmental contamination. These include the use of ultraviolet (UV) technology to clean contaminated water and alcohol and absorbing spikes to treat soil and sediments. In this interview, Sergie Albino tells Municipal Water Leader about ecoSPEARS’ cost-effective treatment solutions and the importance of a holistic approach to environmental protection.   

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    Melanie McClare: Working Smarter With Wastewater at Swirltex

    Innovation can take many forms, and these can include making existing technology work better and more efficiently. Swirltex is committed to doing exactly that. The company produces custom, modular wastewater treatment systems that use buoyancy-based membrane filtration to more efficiently separate solids and liquids, producing higher-quality effluent and better production rates while requiring less energy. Swirltex’s technology is designed to augment existing wastewater infrastructure, eliminating the need for expensive capital upgrades. In this interview, Swirltex CEO Melanie McClare tells Municipal Water Leader about how Swirltex is driving innovation across the wastewater management sector.   

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    Bryan Eagle of Glanris: Turning Ag Waste into Sustainable Filtration Media

    Reducing and reusing waste material are important conservation issues for both the water and the food industries. Bryan Eagle cofounded Glanris to develop a new technology that employs discarded rice hulls to create a filter material that can remove metals and organic material from water systems, all without any plastic or artificial components and with the added benefit of sequestering carbon after its use. In this interview, Mr. Eagle tells Municipal Water Leader how the Glanris technology works, its advantages over other filter materials, and the crucial role it can play in addressing climate change.   

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    Craig Milne: How Robots Can Improve Data Collection and Safety

    The evolution of robotics is continually opening more places for exploration, research, and productivity. These can include places that would be dangerous for people to interact with in person, but that robots can reach while controlled from a safe distance. Robots can collect accurate scientific or engineering data, repair or modify existing systems, and even install new equipment safely and efficiently. Copperstone Technologies is leading the way in finding more applications for robots in mining, wastewater, and other industries. In this interview, Craig Milne, Copperstone Technologies’ CEO, tells Municipal Water Leader about how robots increase safety while improving data accuracy, the technologies that make the company’s robots unique, and future…