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    FEMA’s National Dam Safety Program

    Many of the nation’s large, federally owned hydropower dams are aging and in need of repairs, which are often funded by agencies like the Bureau of Reclamation. However, such funding streams are often not open to smaller, state-regulated private and municipal dams. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is helping address this gap through its National Dam Safety Program (NDSP), which provides pass-through grants to states, which in turn award the money to subrecipients who sponsor rehabilitation projects. In this interview, James Demby, the senior technical and policy adviser on dam safety issues and program manager for the NDSP, tells Municipal Water Leader about the projects that the program funds…

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    South Platte Renew’s Gas Recovery and Pipeline Injection Project

    South Platte Renew (SPR) is a regional wastewater facility serving approximately 300,000 people in and around the cities of Littleton and Englewood, Colorado. As part of its energy optimization activities, it recently installed a gas recovery facility that allows it to capture the methane that is created as part of the wastewater treatment process, purify it, and sell it to Xcel Energy. In addition to the money it gets from Xcel, this earns SPR significant credit from federal and state renewable fuel standard programs. In this interview, SPR Director Pieter Van Ry tells Municipal Water Leader about the genesis of the program and his advice for other utilities that are…

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    SePRO’s Work in the Municipal Water Sector

    SePRO has been in the aquatic chemicals business for nearly three decades. During that time, it has expanded from its original focus on canals and irrigation infrastructure to encompass municipal reservoirs and water supplies as well. In this interview, Sam Barrick, SePRO’s vice president of marketing, tells Municipal Water Leader about the company’s work in the municipal sector and the products and services it provides. 

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    How NuSTREEM’s Small Hydro Units Can Save Municipal Water Agencies Money

    NuSTREEM is an innovative small-hydropower-unit manufacturer based in Connecticut. Its low-head NuTURBINE can be inserted into existing municipal water systems to harvest the energy latent in the water flowing through a facility and convert it into electricity. In this interview, Kathy Bielert, NuSTREEM’s technical sales manager, tells Municipal Water Leader about the idea behind the company’s technology and why it should be of interest to all municipal water managers. 

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    Pat Mulroy: Secrets to Success on the Colorado River

    Pat Mulroy is a legendary figure on the Colorado River. The former general manager of the Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) and of the Southern Nevada Water Agency (SNWA), she also served as the lead negotiator for the State of Nevada on the Colorado River. Today, she runs her own consulting firm and is a senior fellow at the law school of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In this interview, Ms. Mulroy tells Municipal Water Leader about her decades of experience and accomplishments and discusses the challenges that remain to be solved in the Colorado basin. 

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    Volume 8 Issue 1 January 2021

    The cover interview in this month’s issue of Municipal Water Leader features a truly inspiring water professional: Pat Mulroy, the former general manager of the Las Vegas Valley Water District and of the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA). Ms. Mulroy played a key role in the formation of the SNWA and in major negotiations between the Colorado basin states and between the United States and Mexico. I know you will find our wide-ranging interview as interesting as I did.  Also in this issue, Kathy Bielert, the technical sales manager for small-hydro-unit manufacturer NuSTREEM, tells Municipal Water Leader about the company’s low-head NuTURBINE, which can be inserted into existing municipal water…

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    Storm Water Capture and Reuse at San Diego International Airport

    Over the past few years, San Diego International Airport has implemented several water reuse and conservation programs that are saving potable water, reducing runoff, and protecting the environment. These projects have been recognized with several Environmental Excellence Awards from the Industrial Environmental Association. In this interview, Richard Gilb, one of the airport’s managers for environmental affairs, tells Municipal Water Leader about the details of its ambitious projects. 

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    KETOS: Delivering Intelligence and Analytics for the Water Industry

    KETOS is an award-winning water intelligence and analytics company that aims to empower municipal, industrial, and agricultural water users by providing them the insight necessary to make data-driven decisions in their daily operations. It charges customers a flat service fee to install and maintain a fully integrated proprietary hardware and software stack that provides real-time intelligence related to the quality and quantity of water that is making its way through their systems at various critical points. In this interview, KETOS Founder and CEO Meena Sankaran tells Municipal Water Leader about the company’s technology and how it solves long-standing water industry pain points. 

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    Freese and Nichols: A Century of Experience in Wastewater Services

    Freese and Nichols is a Texas-headquartered consulting engineering firm with operations around the nation. It was founded in 1894 and has been working with some clients, including the City of Fort Worth, since that year. Its experience in the wastewater services market spans a century as well. In this interview, David Jackson, the treatment practice leader and group manager for Freese and Nichols’s North Texas water and wastewater treatment group, tells Municipal Water Leader about how that wastewater practice has developed in recent decades, highlights important recent projects, and explains the importance of Freese and Nichols’s ethic of client service.