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    Pandemic Response at the Nation’s Largest Water Wholesaler

    The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is a regional wholesaler that provides water for 26 member public agencies serving 19 million people in six counties across Southern California. Like other water utilities around the United States, Metropolitan has had to find new ways to continue its operations during the COVID‑19 pandemic. In this interview, Shane Chapman, an assistant general manager and the chief administrative officer of Metropolitan, speaks with Municipal Water Leader about what the agency has been doing to keep its employees and customers safe while continuing operations during this crisis. 

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    How Maryland’s State Environmental Agency Is Coping With the Coronavirus

    The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) protects and restores the environment for the health and well-being of all Marylanders. During the current pandemic, it is finding creative ways to manage workforce, regulatory, enforcement, and customer service challenges. In this interview, Ben Grumbles, the secretary of the MDE, and Lee Currey, the director of the MDE’s Water and Science Administration, tell Municipal Water Leader about adjustments the state agency is making, the lessons they are learning, and the advice they are sharing with other agencies around the country. 

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    Ensuring Water Safety in the Inland Empire By Roxanne Rountree and Kevin Pearson

    A coalition of six Riverside County, California, water agencies have come together to promote their role as essential service providers during the ongoing public health crisis caused by COVID‑19. Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD), Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (EVMWD), Jurupa Community Services District ( JCSD), Rancho California Water District (RCWD), Riverside Public Utilities (RPU), and Western Municipal Water District (WMWD) have partnered on a campaign to reassure customers that their tap water is both safe and reliable.  The campaign was launched in late April amid ongoing state and county restrictions that were put in place to protect public health. This partnered effort—which includes both water and wastewater messaging—is helping…

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    How Desert Water Agency Is Keeping Its Employees and Customers Safe

    Desert Water Agency (DWA) provides water services to about 90,000 people in Palm Springs, California. As an essential service provider, DWA has had to find creative ways to continue its services during the COVID‑19 pandemic. In this interview, DWA Manager Mark Krause tells Municipal Water Leader about the changes the agency has had to make to overcome the disruptions of the pandemic. 

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    The Capitol Hill Internship Program (CHIP) was established in 2000 by Nebraska Wesleyan University (NWU) after discussions between then NWU professor Dr. Robert Oberst and his former student and NWU alum, Kris Polly, about the need for a Washington, DC–based internship experience that provided housing and limited classes. Nine U.S. universities now participate in the program, which is run by the United Methodist College Washington Consortium and has been directed by Dr. Doug Steinel since its beginning. Students in the program participate in an internship and take two classes. Program tuition is the same as the tuition students pay at their home schools. Participants live in the CHIP house, which…

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    The Municipal Water Industry Faces Up to COVID-19 A Vision for 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic that hit the United States in mid-March has disrupted countless aspects of daily life. Across the nation, many of us have been working from home; some people have lost their jobs or been furloughed; and all of us are wondering if and when things will go back to normal.  Water, of course, is essential for life; and water treatment and delivery is an absolutely essential service. Municipal water and wastewater service providers do not have the luxury of temporarily closing up shop. Their work must continue.  How exactly are they pushing forward with their operations amid the turbulence caused by the pandemic? That is what this special…

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    Planning for Tarrant Regional Water District’s Future

    The Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) has been providing flood control and water supply services to the city of Fort Worth, Texas, for nearly 100 years. In a swiftly growing urban area that is expected to double in size by 2070, planning for the future through water reuse and new storage and conveyance infrastructure is crucial.  In this interview, Jack Stevens, the president of TRWD’s board of directors, tells Municipal Water Leader about his fascinating professional background, how he decided to run for the board, and the ambitious plans that the board has for the district. 

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    How Geneva Pipe Will Help Grow Northwest Pipe’s Business

    Northwest Pipe Company is North America’s largest manufacturer of engineered steel water pipe systems. In February 2020, Northwest Pipe announced that it was acquiring Geneva Pipe Company, Inc., a concrete pipe and precast product manufacturer based in Utah. Branching out into concrete pipe and precast products will allow Northwest Pipe to grow its business in new markets and will provide a new source of revenue.  In this interview, Scott Montross, the president and CEO of Northwest Pipe, and Mike Wray, a Northwest Pipe vice president and the general manager of Geneva Pipe and Precast, explain how Northwest Pipe identified Geneva as a potential acquisition and explain how the acquisition stands…

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    DWA’s Supervisor Training and Succession Planning Programs

    Desert Water Agency (DWA) has about 23,000 domestic water connections that serve approximately 89,000 people (including seasonal residents) in the vicinity of Palm Springs, California. Like all municipal water agencies, it has numerous specialized and highly qualified staff members with the institutional knowledge that comes from many years of service. This means that succession planning is a must: When it comes time to replace longtime supervisors or other high-level employees, the agency must find an equally highly qualified replacement, preferably from its own ranks.  In this interview, DWA Human Resources (HR) Director Kris Hopping tells Municipal Water Leader about the agency’s supervisor training and succession planning activities, as well as…

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    Keeping Metropolitan’s Employees Safe on the Job

    The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is a cooperative public agency that provides water to 26 member agencies that serve about 19 million people across a densely populated 5,200‑square-mile service area in Southern California. Its facilities include some of the largest treatment plants in the country, reservoirs, hundreds of miles of large pipeline, and several hydroelectric plants. It also operates the Colorado River Aqueduct, which brings water from Lake Havasu on the California-Arizona border over 240 miles to western Riverside County. Operating and maintaining these immense facilities have inherent hazards associated with them, and to ensure that Metropolitan’s employees stay safe and healthy, the agency has a well-developed operational…