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    Providing Water Amid Fire

    Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD) serves around 70,000 people in a biologically diverse mountain ecosystem northwest of Los Angeles, California. In November 2018, the district was hit by the disastrous Woolsey wildfire, which burned 66 percent of the district’s service area. The staff of the water district worked to maintain the functionality of its infrastructure while also providing water to firefighters. In this interview, Dave Pedersen, the district’s general manager, Dave Roberts, its resource conservation manager, and Mike McNutt, its public affairs and communications manager, speak with Municipal Water Leader Managing Editor Joshua Dill about the Woolsey Fire’s effects on LVMWD’s service area, infrastructure, and local ecosystem.

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    The Advantages of the P3 Model A Conversation With Scott Parrish

    Vista Ridge, a major project that will supply the city of San Antonio, Texas, with water for the next 30 years, is the largest municipal public-private partnership (P3) project in the United States. Garney Construction, a company with long-standing expertise in laying water pipeline, is currently the majority owner and developer of the project and has taken out loans totaling nearly a billion dollars to build it. In this interview with Municipal Water Leader Editor-in-Chief Kris Polly, Scott Parrish, the president of Garney Construction, tells us about the company, the status of the Vista Ridge project, and the advantages and unique challenges of the P3 funding model.

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    Providing Water to the Navajo Nation The Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project

    The Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project is a major construction project being undertaken by the Bureau of Reclamation as part of the 2005 Navajo Nation Water Rights Settlement Agreement. With 300 miles of pipeline, two water treatment plants, 19 pumping plants, and numerous storage tanks spread across an area the size of New Jersey, the project will bring a clean and reliable surface-water supply to members of the Navajo Nation, some of whom currently do not have water directly delivered to their homes, as well as to beneficiaries in the Jicarilla Apache Nation and the City of Gallup. Patrick Page, a deputy construction engineer with the Bureau of Reclamation, spoke with…

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    Meeting Fort Worth’s Growing Demand The Integrated Pipeline Project

    The Tarrant Regional Water District has been providing flood-control and water supply services to the city of Fort Worth, Texas, for nearly 100 years. The rapid growth of Fort Worth and its sister city, Dallas, has necessitated the construction of ambitious new reservoir and pipeline projects. Most recently, Tarrant Regional Water District and the City of Dallas have collaborated on the immense Integrated Pipeline (IPL) project, which is projected to supply 350 million gallons of water per day to Fort Worth, Dallas, and other water users. In this interview, Municipal Water Leader Managing Editor Joshua Dill speaks with Alan Thomas, the deputy general manager of the Tarrant Regional Water District,…

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    Large-Diameter Steel Pipelines A Conversation With Scott Montross

    Northwest Pipe Company is North America’s largest manufacturer of steel water pipe systems. Since 2013, Scott Montross has been chief executive officer of the company. In this interview with Municipal Water Leader Editor-in-Chief Kris Polly, Mr. Montross speaks about the history of Northwest Pipe, recent developments in the large-diameter water-transmission pipe market, and the future of the public-private partnership (P3) funding model.

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    Volume 4 Issue 10 October 2018 The Pipeline Issue

    This issue of Municipal Water Leader focuses on the manufacturers, engineers, and builders who make and install pipelines on a massive scale. In our cover story, we talk to Scott Montross, the chief executive officer of Northwest Pipe. This year, Northwest purchased Ameron Water Transmission Group and became North America’s largest manufacturer of steel water pipe systems. We also explore three major pipeline projects in the American Southwest. The Tarrant Regional Water District, which serves Fort Worth, Texas, is partnering with the City of Dallas to build a 150-mile-long, large-diameter pipeline project to link the growing metro area to the district’s reservoirs in east Texas. In Arizona and New Mexico,…

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    Problem-Solving in the Colorado River Basin Jim Broderick of CRWUA

    The Colorado River Water Users Association (CRWUA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that brings together Colorado River water users from seven states and one tribal organization to discuss common issues and to find cooperative solutions. This mission is particularly important given the historic drought conditions the area is suffering. As well as being the executive director of the Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District, Jim Broderick is one of the three Colorado members of CRWUA’s board of trustees and, as of 2017, CRWUA’s president. In this interview with Municipal Water Leader Managing Editor Joshua Dill, Mr. Broderick discusses CRWUA’s origins and purpose and what its member states are doing to respond…

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    Sustainability in the Middle of the Desert Scottsdale Water

    Scottsdale Water has the formidable task of providing the quarter-million residents of the desert city of Scottsdale, Arizona, with water every day. Moreover, the utility must comply with the State of Arizona’s high standards of environmental sustainability and water-use efficiency. Scottsdale Water responded to these challenges with a first-of-its-kind Water Campus that returns more water to the region’s aquifer than it takes out. For its accomplishments, Scottsdale Water received the Sustainable Water Utilities Management Award from the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies in 2018. Brian K. Biesemeyer, PE, is the executive director of Scottsdale Water. In this interview, he speaks with Municipal Water Leader Managing Editor Joshua Dill about his…

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    Situational Awareness for Water Agencies A Conversation With Officer Phil Ball

    As the lead instructor at the Situational Awareness Institute, Officer Phil Ball educates and trains professionals in government agencies and businesses on security and emergency preparedness. A former SWAT officer and a certified police officer in four states, Ball has over 25 years of law enforcement experience. Officer Ball’s seminars are designed to identify organizations’ and businesses’ vulnerabilities and provide specific advice on how to eliminate them to deter potential attackers from without and within. The businesses and agencies that Officer Ball has worked with include irrigation districts and municipal water districts. In this interview with Municipal Water Leader Editor-in-Chief Kris Polly, Officer Ball discusses how water agencies need to…

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    The Quagga Mussel Experience The Great Lakes’ Lessons for the West

    T he quagga mussel is an invasive species that, over the last 30 years, has heavily colonized the Great Lakes. Its hydrodynamic, geochemical, optical, and ecological effects are so great that the species is termed an “ecosystem-revising organism” or “ecosystem engineer.” Now, quaggas are spreading to the rivers of California, Lake Mead, and other water bodies in the West—largely thanks to human enablers. Not only does the quagga affect water bodies from an ecological point of view, it can also pose major problems for irrigators and water suppliers. Russell Cuhel and Carmen Aguilar are scientists at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee’s School of Freshwater Sciences who have researched the quagga mussel…